Announcing The Owning Your Own Podcast

My newest business endeavor is the recently launched Owning Your Own podcast.  The show airs daily each week, providing news, advice and entertainment for marketers, creatives and entrepreneurs.

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Speaking to the USD Ad Club: Personal Branding for Getting Hired

I spoke to the USD Ad Club on February 25, 2014 about using social media and other tools to make sure you are professionally represented to potential hiring managers who perform a Google search for you (hint: basically all of them do).

LISTEN to the audio recording of my presentation here:

Andrew Germer Speaking at the USD Ad Club (mp3, skip to 1:34 for the beginning)

Download a PDF of the slides here:

Personal Branding for 2014 (pdf)

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Single Letter SEO | The Companies That Own Google Autocomplete Search Suggestions

Check out latest infographic I worked on at Best Rank and read the original article here.

We thought it would be intriguing to look at SEO in its smallest form, a single letter search, and examine the companies that Google suggests after typing each letter in the alphabet.  The size of each company’s circle represents approximate site traffic.  Here are your champions of single letter SEO:

Best Rank Blog: Social Media Marketing World 2013 – A Best Rank Recap

Earlier last week I was fortunate to attend the Social Media Marketing World 2013 conference put on by Social Media Examiner and held in our beautiful back yard of San Diego. Most social media marketing events I had been to in the past were comprised of a fairly predictable audience (20-something tech geeks like myself) and a similarly predictable agenda of speakers and trendy topics (“How to Go Viral”).

I am very glad to say that my experience at SMMW was nothing like this; I was surrounded by an incredibly diverse group of marketers and business owners, while the speakers and topics all offered something of value and held my interest (not always an easy task). Click here to view some of the key insights I derived from the event that impact our clients, our agency, and projects like the Win the Web Internet Marketing Podcast.


Best Rank Blog: Flattr Makes Money for Content Creators Like Win the Web

On the web, the proliferation of “free” services has created a common expectation that nothing should cost money unless it delivers some sort of explicit or unique value that easily justifies its purchase. This mislead expectation is why so many web products and services must charge a regular subscription fee or enroll users in contracts in order to maintain profitability. It’s also the reason that services like Wikipedia must conduct massive donation drives to stay afloat.

But the introduction of micropayments, specifically the framework established by Flattr, empowers content creators to receive money from their fans on a one-by-one basis, on-demand and as desired by each individual.

Read the rest of the article on the Best Rank blog or click the image above.